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Crop Cleanser™

Invigorating Hair + Body Wash

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Crop Cleanser™

Invigorating Hair + Body Wash

8 FL OZ / 236 ML

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Formulated For Maximum Performance

Cleanses and Nourishes

Cleanses and Nourishes

Natural ingredients like aloe and sea salt cleanse and freshen the skin while keeping your skin hydrated and nourished.

All-around Wash

All-around Wash

A luxury foaming utility gel wash suited for the entire body, including hair and body.

Unique Scent

Unique Scent

Signature MANSCAPED™ scent helps keep you feeling fresh the entire day.

How To Use

After trimming, it’s time to wash up. Use the Crop Cleanser™ gel wash as both a shampoo and body wash for all over cleansing. To use as shampoo, use 1-2 pumps, apply to hair, lather, and rinse. To use as a body wash, apply 2-4 pumps to a washcloth, then vigorously scrub your body, paying special attention to the just-trimmed areas.

Pro Tip:

Signature MANSCAPED™ scent is sophisticated and alluring for both body and hair.

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Crop Cleanser™
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